Saturday, February 15, 2020

From the Ed Parker Sr. Facebook page

“Having an open mind does not necessarily lead to perfection. It is your ability to observe, analyze, discern, and understand the true essence that basic principles contain that point the way to perfection.” - Ed Parker Sr. (The Zen of Kenpo)

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mr. Tatum on forms

"A form is unto a flame, beautiful to watch but deadly to the touch."

Friday, January 17, 2020

Elvis' old dojo now a barber shop

Well, it wasn't exactly "Elvis' dojo" but he did make this dojo in Nashville somewhat famous after he did a demonstration there.

Elvis was going to make a documentary about the martial arts and this film of him doing some techniques was going to be part of that documentary. Sadly however the documentary was never completed.

Fast forward many years later and that martial arts dojo is now a barber shop.

So if you are in the Nashville area and you want to step on holy ground, and of course if you need a haircut, give them a call. They are open Tuesday thru Saturday and reservations are recommended.

1101 Riverwood dr.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tracy's 1st Black Belt Curriculum

Techniques _____1. Chinese Pincers (AB)—Right Punch
_____2. Crossing Hooks—Right Punch
_____3. Turning the Flame (AB)—Gun
_____4. Stopping the Staff—Right Punch
_____5. Twisting Vine—Overhead Club
_____6. Breaking the Staves (AB)—Rear Bear Hug; Arms Pinned
_____7. Hands of Jade—Right Punch
_____8. Spinning Log—Right Punch
_____9. Lever of Ming (AB)—Right & Left/Left & Right Punch
_____10. The Lion (AB)—Front Two Hand Choke
_____11. Double Lance (ABCDE)—Right Punch
_____12. Covering the Moon—Two Man Attack; Front/Back
_____13. Returning Fist (AB)—Left Punch
_____14. Falling Blades—Knife
_____15. Dance of the Dragon—Right Punch
_____16. Falling Hammers—Left & Right Punch from Side
_____17. Corkscrew (ABC)—Right Punch from Side
_____18. The Whip—Right Punch
_____19. Winding Elbows (ABCDE)—Right Punch
_____20. Twisting Serpent—Left Punch
_____21. Chopping the Log—Roundhouse Kick
_____22. Falling Tree (ABC)—Left Punch
_____23. The Python—Right Punch from Side
_____24. Twisting Dragon—Defense; Kick is Caught
_____25. Slicing Hands—Left Punch
_____26. The Scorpion—Two Hand Grab; High
_____27. Chinese Thumbscrew (AB)—Wrist Grab
_____28. 4 Fist—Right Punch
_____29. Advancing Dragon—Right Punch
_____30. The Lock—Right Punch


1. Long 6
2. Two Person Set A & B
3. Long 3 Staff