Saturday, October 23, 2021

Some good kicking advice by Mr. Bob White

(Recently posted on Facebook by Mr. Bob White)

We use a very simple check list for kicking.

1. Protection
2. Balance
3. Weapon
4. Depth

Protection is keeping your hands up when kicking. Many don't and they fall into that category of thinking so much about offense that your defense suffers. It's simple, don't drop your hands when you kick.

Balance is posture,keeping your base leg bent, and landing because you want to not because you have to.

Weapon is hitting the the correct part of your foot. Front kick is normally the ball of the foot, Roundhouse could be the ball of the foot or the top of your foot depending on the target. Side Kick is the knife edge of the heel and the back kick is the bottom of the heel.

Depth is determined by the rotation of the base foot or thrusting hips forward in a front kick.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Karate Kenpo by Mabuni Kenwa

We are so used to saying "Kenpo Karate" that seeing "Karate Kenpo" makes you stop and do a double-take.

(from Barnes and Noble)

A translation and reproduction of Mabuni Kenwa's 1934 book on Karate fundamentals, training and philosophy.Mabuni Kenwa (1889 - 1952) was born in Okinawa as part of a Samurai family. He began studying Karate under the famous Karate master Itosu Anko (1831-1915) and later studied under master Higaonna Kanryo. Mabuni was legendary for his extensive knowledge of kata and other aspects of Karate. He was regarded as the foremost authority on Okinawan Karate by his contemporaries. He served as a police officer and taught his colleagues his martial art. This is his first book on Karate.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Kenpo - How to Survive Life: Concepts and Principles by Mr. Roy Travert

(from Amazon)

Kenpo – How to Survive Life is the first book in this series, it is an introduction into the basics that form the Kenpo system, and how they are applied for self-defense purposes. It explains the correct application of basics that includes stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes. It has a comprehensive explanation of Short Form 1, the Universal Pattern, and an introduction into the club techniques. There are specific chapters explaining the benefits of self-defense techniques, form training, and freestyle fighting. It is an introduction to the concepts and principles Kenpo Karate contains with a no-nonsense approach in applying them.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

White Tiger Fitness

The White Tiger Kenpo System was founded by Sr. Grand Master Tom Saviano in 1984. The White Tiger fighting system combines Southern Chinese, Northern Chinese, Japanese and Okinawan fighting arts. Rather than the usual focus put on direct strikes, the system is composed of circular blocks, linear and circular strikes, grabbing, throwing, sweeping and joint locking techniques.  

Although many types of kicks are used, the system is designed to use knee and foot strikes below the waist, with hand and elbow strikes above the waist. "Kenpo" is best described as a hand dominated system. It is neither hard nor soft, but a well-balanced system of both. Kenpo is fluid with continuous and rapid motion: graceful yet extremely devastating.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

"Kenpo jackets" aren't for kenpo

If you are looking for a jacket you can wear to show off your love of kenpo don't get confused if you Google "kenpo jackets" and it comes back clothing from a company named Kenpo that makes jackets designed around your Ipod.

Kenpo Creates Innovative iPod Jacket

Kenpo Inc., a downtown Los Angeles-based general clothing company, has unveiled their new Kenpo Jacket for iPod. The jacket will be available online at and at Macy’s department stores in California (locally at South Coast Plaza), New York and the surrounding areas for an MSRP of $275 at the end of the month.

The jacket will be available in two styles: an all-season hooded midweight coat with yellow stripes down the arm and a fleece-lined jacket with a different pocket orientation. Both jackets will also be available in silver and black.

The Kenpo Jacket for iPod, at first glance, looks like an ordinary jacket you might find hanging at Sports Chalet during ski season. Inside, however, is an iPod-shaped pocket and a cable that connects to the iPod’s headphone jack. The cable runs hidden from an interior pocket located next to the iPod pocket down to the left sleeve of the jacket. The fabric iPod switch sensor is located near the left jacket cuff, laid between the jacket’s innards, with the buttons laid out side-by-side along the forearm. The ‘smart fabric’ touch-sensitive iPod sensor, created and patented by the British company Eleksen, controls the iPod via the ribbon cable. Track and volume control is thus wholly available without unzipping the jacket.