Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mr. Ron Chapel on mobile stances

(from a recent conversation on Facebook about the twist stance) 

All stances are "mobile" however some have more momentary stationary applications than others. The "Twisted Neutral Bow" as we used to call it, is a more mobile stance than others in that its design is more transitional than most and its primary purposes are built around its mobility. "How" you get into a stance also has a significant impact on its applications. This is in significant contrast to a stance like a "forward" or "neutral bow" that although is "mobile" their significant purpose is "stability" not mobility at the moment of application. Also, many forget the application of the twist as a mobile platform on an incline or uneven surface to maintain upper platform stability while the lower platform can sustain itself at varying heights.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mr. Ron Chapel on Positional Checks

(from a recent conversation on Facebook)

Mr. Parker inserted Positional Checks into His Kenpo Karate to avoid the more significant Pak Sao that he himself used instead of a Positional Check in the Chinese Kenpo that preceded EP Kenpo Karate, but few seemed to notice the difference between how the techniques sounded between the two if nothing else. It causes students to give equal consideration to what the attacker IS doing with what the attacker MIGHT do. In that world blocking a left punch with a Right Extended Outward Block required a Left-hand Positional Check at your right ribcage. Few seem to recognize it wasn't the best thing to split your resources when addressing an attack, and that doing so also eliminated and contradicted the Double Check Factor. And while Mr. Parker utilized the Positional Check in explanations of techniques when teaching in seminars, when he exploded to demonstrate the techniques in "real-time" the astute would recognize the Positional Checks totally disappeared in application. The term and application of the Positional Check however is still valid, just not when used in this manner.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Z-Empowerment Series

(from the Z-Ultimate Facebook page)

Announcing the launch of the Z-EMPOWERMENT SERIES!

The chaotic COVID-19 restrictions and lock-downs have caused an alarming increase of people suffering from anxiety, depression, weight gain, alcohol abuse, and a variety of other unhealthy conditions to cope with all of these uncertain times. 

Z-EMPOWERMENT SERIES is NOT going to highlight or dwell on these unfortunate circumstances, but is going to PROMOTE a SAFE, FUN, and EMPOWERING SOLUTION to HELP PEOPLE regain their Sanity, Strength, and FREEDOM of living a Happier and Healthier Life!