Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Artwork by Ed Parker Jr. for Mr. Wedlake's book

(artwork and text from Ed Parker Jr.'s Facebook page, 2-11-09)

This was the latest book cover that was published. It was done for a good friend Lee Wedlake, the author of this book on lessons he had with my father in American Kenpo.

The concept was that I wanted to have my fathers patch presented in a 3 dimensional point of view. Thus bringing his 2D patch to 3D life, as if to imply that this book focuses on a dimension of my father and his art not yet explored.

It was cool, cause I wanted to do a version of his patch like this for years and with this book coming to my art table it allowed me the opportunity to do this concept.

Thanks Lee

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The kenpo creed

(from Mr. Rich Hale's Facebook page)

A number of years ago, a member of the association sent me a very old copy of our Kenpo Creed in both English and Chinese. Not trusting the Chinese writing, I ...asked my wife if she would have one of her co-workers, who happened to be Chinese, interpret the writing for me. 

To be sure he wouldn't just match it to the English version, all I gave him was the Chinese portion of the page. As it came back, it was not exact (of course) but was definitely the Kenpo Creed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One of a kind portrait

(photo from Joe Rebelo's Facebook page)

One of a kind early portrait drawn by Ed Parker Jr. currently in possession of Joe Rebelo.